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What we excel at

Well definitely athletics including high jump, sprint, long jump, hurdles, decathlon, triple jump, then gymnastics, particularly backward somersault, the beam, parallel bars, the horse, plus artistic gymnastics, and floor routines. Throw in, literally, a bit of wrestling too and some ball sports. Keeps us busy!


Home is definitely where the Aby is!

As Abyssinians, we're not that good at keeping still, little dynamos we are, and we just love to come and be where you are, doesn't matter where it is. If a door is about to close, we have to get through it at all costs, and even more so when food is involved. We like to take aim at your feet when you are on the stairs (just keeping you on your toes!) and if you leave something lying around, we will either devour it or sit on it, we don't care which.


So you see, life is never dull with us Aby's around.

As an Abyssinian athlete, she can mix it with the best of them in the high jump ... you go girl!

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